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Product type:Raiment Guard Label - RFID Clothing tag
Name:Clothes RFID label
Item:Clothes RFID label
We specializes in making  RFID products. With over 10 years experience in RFID industry, we can making more than 10 types products of RFID clothes label or tag ,it widely used in clothes products, short distance reading for medical supplies,clothes labels and etc.
Latest UHF clothes Tag technology information
Product Details:
1)Operating Frequency: 860MHz to 960MHz
2)Operating Mode: FHSS or regular frequency
3)Support Protocol: ISO18000-6C (or ISO18000-6B)
4)Chip: H2
5)Operating Temperature: -40º C to +70º C
6)Data Maintenance: 10years,EMS memory can be wiped or written over 100K times
7)Read and Write Range: 10cm to 1.5m
8)Tag Size:Other on request

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